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Vaughan Montessori School
Vaughan Montessori School is licensed by the Ministry of Education. Our facilities, classrooms and playground are in compliance with Ministry of Education standards under Child Care and Early Years Act. 
High quality education and high standards is our mission.
( S t a f f  )
Our  Montessori teachers are MACTE accredited and our RECE are well trained and experienced.
( S a f e t y )
At Vaughan Montessori School children's safety, health is our no.1 priority, the school always ensures to prepare a healthy and safe environment because we believe that this is the best way to help the children exploring an excellent learning experience. 
That's why in addition to the main sanitary and hygiene practices that we make sure to apply, promote and train all our children to do everyday in the school, Vaughan Montessori School added an AIR PURIFIER DEVICE in each classroom and other areas to minimize the risk of illness and make a healthy purified air all around the school facilities for a better and healthier learning experience.
( M o n t e s s o r i   P r o g r a m )  
Vaughan Montessori School provides a true authentic Montessori Programs for both ages Toddlers and Casa "preschoolers".
In our Montessori Toddler program we introduce the children to Montessori basics which prepare them enough to face a new advanced learning experience in our Montessori Casa Program. 
( C l a s s r o o m s   a n d   F a c i l i t i e s )
Our classrooms are fully equipped with Montessori Materials that covers all the Montessori program sections and activities like Practical Life, Sensorial Activities, Cultural Study, Math and Language.
We make sure to keep our washrooms and other facilities always clean, disinfected and ready to be used by our children at any time.   
P l a y g r o u n d )
Vaughan Montessori School has one of the best playgrounds in the area, although we give more priority to learning than playing, but we still believe that when it's time to play children should enjoy an amazing time in a safe, clean and beautiful playing space. We always ensure to make our playground very clean and safe for our children to have a good time doing their out-door activities which enhance their physical fitness, social development skills, cognitive development skills and spatial development abilities.
To ensure a safe and clean Playground for our children, not only a daily and monthly inspection is done by our staff but an annual comprehensive inspection and written report is completed by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector which has the necessary training and equipment in order to accurate assess the requiring set out in the Canadian Standard
Association Can /CSA-Z614-14.
For more information about Vaughan Montessori School's Program, registrations, Schedules, fees, waiting list or staff please give us a call or send us an e-mail.
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Vaughan Montessori School

5316 HWY7 Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 1T3

Tel. 905-851-8881

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